Ashwood Llamas is TB Free!

In November Ashwood Llamas were contacted by Animal Health and that they would have to test all of their llamas for TB, there had been a new outbreak or breakdown as they call it in a cattle herd nearby and so under the new rules brought out in April 2015, camelids now had to be tested.

On December the 8th 2015, the llamas were all subjected to the skin test and on 11th they were advised that there were no reactors, and then on 21st December the llamas were all very good and gave a blood sample. Then a long wait over the Christmas holidays until Animal Health returned from their holidays and the samples were tested and they were given the all clear on 5th January 2016.

Ashwood Llamas can now declare that they are TB free!

All Ashwood Llamas for sale on this website were part of the testing process, even the young cria, and so are currently TB free!

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