Gallahad, male, born 14/06/2014

SOLD subject to collection!

Gallahad is currently an entire llama, soon to be gelded. He was born on 14th June 2014.

He has a long coat, and is on the small side.

He has had initial halter traing and been on a few walks around our fields. He hasn’t yet been inroduced to any visitors but will make a lovely walker, and has a great friendly personality.

He has buddied up with Buster and it would be great to see these two go together.

Gallahad, a male llama
Gallahad was born in 2014 and is a young male llama and is available for sale
Gallahad is a male llama
Gallahad, a male llama and fringe is available for sale.
Male llamas for sale
Buster with his mate Gallahad, both male llamas available for sale