Cusco, male, born 15/08/2008

SOLD subject to collection!

Cusco is a male, gelded llama born on 15th August 2008

He is halter trained, but likes to have fun waving his head around while you try to get the halter on, but once on he is very well behaved, and walks very well.

He is also a very good guard llama, and takes his responsibilities seriously!

Cusco, male, gelded llama
Cusco born in 2008 is a gelded llama, halter trained and available for sale.
White gelded male llama for sale
Cusco, a halter trained male llama is available for sale.
Gelded male llama for sale
Cusco is a gelded male llama and is available for sale.

Please contact Ashwood Llamas for more infromation about Cusco!