About this website!

Llamas for Sale is a website owned and managed by Ashwood Llamas based in North Devon.

We have listed the llamas for sale in the following categories – Breeding femalesFemalesFemales with criaMales – have a look at the drop down menus and have a look at the current llamas that are available for sale. Please contact the llama owner directly for more details as we are unable currently to process requests for more information.

If you have a llama for sale and would like to have your llama or llamas listed on this website please send me 2 or 3 nice photographs and about 150-250 words describing your llama and I’ll get it listed straight away. A link to your own website or a contact telephone number or email address will be included so that you can be contacted directly.

Please email me at kevin@ashwoodllamas.co.uk with your information.

Please check out our blog section for news and interesting facts and information concerning llamas.

Many thanks